Also the well-being of our pets is important, therefore we supply all the necessary products for the care and hygiene of our pet friends.
Animal food products even the more specific ones can be supplied.

The BARF Evolution diet is the most comfortable and safest development of the BARF diet.
The products of the BARF Line CIAM-Dr. Clauder’s are inspired by natural food which can represent a new way to feed our animals just referring to their origins. These products are formulated according to the principles of the NEW BARF diet: biologically approved right food.
Practically this is a proper and biologically appropriate system compared to the nutritional characteristics of the dog and cat. By natural food we mean that which is closest to the wild food guidelines, where the predator must hunt for prey in order to eat.

Dogs and cats, like their ancestors, belong to the order Carnivora. However, whereas the cat has remained a strict carnivore, the dog has evolved towards a mixed diet (carnivore opportunistic). Their digestive organs are specialized -unlike in the case of pure herbivores- to use animal proteins very quickly and in a highly efficient manner for their body. It should also be remembered that predators eat their prey, which represents a complete meal containing all the nutrients necessary to cover their nutritional requirements.

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